Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness for People with Kidney Failure

Being prepared for emergencies and natural disasters is important for everyone. Being prepared becomes even more important when you have special needs such as those needs presented to people with kidney failure.

People with kidney failure require things that standard emergency plans do not consider such as:

  • Your need for regular dialysis treatments.  Dialysis units may have difficulty operating due to power or utility outages or building damage.
  • You may need to further restrict your diet to the "3 day meal plan" if dialysis treatments are not readily available. Special food items may not be available in shelter situations, or you may have inadequate supplies in your home.  
  • You require medications. If you have an inadequate supply, if may be difficult to obtain additional medications during an emergency or disaster.

Additional steps you will need to take include:

  • Keep a record your medical history
  • Maintain a list of emergency phone numbers
  • Get emergency identification such as a bracelet or necklace and an ID card
  • Keep an emergency supply of  medications, appropriate foods, and water
  • Keep copy of the emergency 3 day diet plan
  • Keep at least 1 dose of "emergency medication" (Kayexalate and Sorbitol)
  • Keep your emergency supplies together in an emergency box or bag at your home Plan to take these supplies with you if you need to evacuate.

There are several good publications which provide extensive instructions on how to prepare for emergencies and disasters. We encourage you to review these publications. If you need assistance developing your own plan, speak with your social worker and dietitian.

Preparing for Emergencies: A Guide for People on Dialysis


Planning for Emergencies a Guide for people with Chronic Kidney Disease


If you are a patient at one of our facilities, we will make every attempt to notify you regarding the operational status of our facilities during a local emergency or disaster. However, phone lines and power may be interrupted limiting our ability to contact you. You may check the operational status of our dialysis units at anytime:

  •         By calling 1-855-251-8198
  •         Or by clicking Here
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